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 The John Lynch Afrikan Education Programme

The John Lynch Afrikan Education Supports the Stop the Maangamizi We charge Genocide/Ecocide (SMWGCE) Petition

Please join us in supporting this petition and challenge the state to STOP the injustices against people of African Heritage

The Maangamizi (Afrikan Hellacaust of chattel, colonial and neocolonial enslavement) 


JLAEP supports the call to stop the continuing harm to people of Afrikan heritage -  state aided and abetted damage to our people which has it roots in our historical experience defined as the maangamizi.


We urge everyone to sign the petition which calls for a stop to the maangamizi and for processes such as an All Party Parliamentary Commission of Inquiry for Truth and Reparatory Justice (APPCITARJ) to take place. The APPCITARJ will pave a way to making a coherent case for Reparations based on the current impact of our historical experiences - the legacies of chattel slavery, colonialism and neo colonialism. 


In making a case for reparations, as Professor Chinweizu has stated, it's not about money, not even mostly about money.  Our quest for reparations needs to be internal (self repair) and external (relating to accountablity and remedy) in relation to the perpretrators of the Maangamizi - governments, corporations and those families who benefit from unjust enrichment at the expense of our people past and present. Holistic reparations will need to encompass the 5 Principles of reparations under international law which are RESTITUTION, REHABILITATION, COMPENSATION SATISFACTION and GUARANTEES OF NON REPETITION.



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We are looking for organisations and individuals to work with us and commit to fulfilling the aims of the Afrikan Emancipation Day Reparations March (AEDRM) which is an annual commitment building up to the day of the march.  We are asking you to tick the boxes against the tasks that you are able to commit to.  As part of the commitment we ask that you leave your details so we can check in with you to see how things are progressing.  Without this level of communication and accountability we will not achieve our shared objectives.


Here are 20 ways you can support the Stop the Maangamizi Campaign and the Reparations March. Email with you chosen options and we will get back to you......


  1. r Host an reparations education workshop that would be facilitated by the March committee (AEDRMC)
  2. Host a reparations awareness event/activities for children
  3. r Organise a Reparations march fundraising event
  4. r Organise a 'Stop the Maangamizi Campaign' support meeting
  5. r Make a donation/regular contribution to the March organising costs
  6. r Read the full petition on, the contents of          and the websites
  7. r Add a page to your website with a links to the petition on,    and
  8. r Help to organise one of the 9 Blocs of the reparations march (guidance given)
  9. r Organise local, regional and international Grassroots Reparations Education         and Outreach Teams (GREOTs) that will do street work and be present at key             community events
  10.  r Organise banner making workshops in your organisation/city/region/Interest         Group (eg students)
  11. r Prepare yourself and your family to participate in the commission of inquiry for   truth ad reparatory justice by doing family research into the current effects of the Maangamizi
  12. r Set up Reparations Learning Circles/Study Groups/Debating Groups
  13. r Arrange for your organisation/City/Region/Country/interest group (eg students) to attend the march and participate in a Bloc
  14. r On Radio? You Tube channel? Blogger? Journalist? Talk to us about becoming          an official media partner where you will work in partnership with us to          promote the annual work of the AEDRMC and raise awareness of the reparations movement.
  15. r Organise your organisation/City/Region/Interest group to lobby their local MPs using the Stop the Maangamizi Campaign materials
  16. r Complete training to become a Reparations Advocate
  17. r Use your international connections (friends, family and organisations) to           increase international awareness of reparations with a view to them also taking up some of these listed tasks.
  18. r Fill out a volunteers form and skills audit form so your contribution to the             march and  the wider movement can be utilised to the strength of your skill set
  19. r Contact your local faith group and work with them to organise a Reparations           Sunday/Saturday on their Sabbath day closest to the 12th Oct.
  20.  r     Your suggestion…………………….


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