Kwanzaa Symposium and Karamu (Feast)              Thursday 28th December 2017

This Years theme is a intention to take the Kwanzaa principles into the community in a tangible way so they are observed, lived, integrated and applied to the lives of people of Afrikan Heritage all year round.


As we celebrate 25 years of Kwanzaa in Bristol we gather in 2017 around the theme of 'Applying the Principles - Living the 7 for Life'


After 25 years we as a community must reflect on the values of the Kwanzaa principles and consider how effective we have been in applying the principles and embedding it in our everyday lives.  More importantly we must look forward and utilse the 7 principles (Nguzo Saba) to create a legacy for our children and our children's children - in family, community and City life.


So on Thursday 28th Dec we are organising our Kwanzaa differently starting with workshops and bringing forward a 365 Bristol S.A.B.A (Social Action by Bristol Afrikans) strategy. Come on the day and be part of the process. Help us to us to create a more solid foundation for our future.....


Listen to Ujima 98fm Every Tuesday 2-4 pm on the 'Glocal' show with Sis Jendayi for more details.


Kwanzaa Symposium and Karamu - Thursday 28th December 12 noon at the Malcolm X centre 141 City Road Bristol - (entrance on Ashley Road) 

Kwanzaa Yenu Iwe Na Heri!! (Happy Kwanzaa)

We are developing this section of our site shortly. In the meantime please familiarise yourself with the origins, principles and concepts associated with Kwanzaa by visit the website of its founder Maulana Karenga