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So what defines how our children grow? Who seh who ah man now? Who say she's a woman now? What does the state and the culture we live in say about these things? At 14 - can work. At 16 have sex and get married in Scotland without your parents consent! At 17 you can learn to drive? 18 Daddy (if he's around) might take you to the pub for your first pint!! At 21 a plastic key to the door from clintons giftshop! I mean really!! Is that good enough for the child of African heritage? The Black Child?? 


What can we reclaim, restore or restart, with 2017 adjustments, so that our children are not raised by the media, school, music industry or their peers? Is it time that ole time ting come back again and mix it with the here and now to address some of our issues as parents, educators and custodians of the next generation...??


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JLAEP partners with Afrikan led Bristol organisations to host conference


Bristol: A Power-Sharing City Inclusive of Substantive Afrikan Heritage Community Representation?


Saturday 9th July 2016 at the Malcolm X Centre

1 - 6 pm


  • What does an inclusive fairer city look like to People of Afrikan Heritage Communities?
  • What would it mean to share power in the city?
  • What policies in Afrikan Heritage Community best interests do we want to put forward to practically realise the Mayor's Visions?


Conference aims



1. To develop culturally appropriate processes of dialogue with grass-roots Afrikan Heritage Communities on key aspects of Bristol city policies and practices with emphasis upon power-sharing, and with particular interest in those policies  espoused by Mayor-Elect Marvin Rees as being his priorities for a better inclusive and fairer city.


2. To ensure  the progressive voices of  Afrikan Heritage communities are placed and remain included at the centre of the City's vision.


3. To ensure the practical realisation of the collective potential of Afrikan Heritage Communities in shaping the Bristol Change-making agenda


4. To bring Bristol into the wider glocal context being shaped with relevance to the United Nations Decade for People of African Descent and the Goals of Sustainable World Development by organisations of the Afrikan Heritage Communities such as the GLOBAL AFRIKAN PEOPLES PARLIAMENT in and beyond the UK.



Global Afrikan People's Parliament

Rite Direkshon

The Malcolm X Centre

African Voices Forum

The John Lynch Afrikan Education Programme



Friday 3rd June 2016  1-5 pm - Kuumba 20-23 Hepburn Rd BS2 8UD


Banner Making Workshop


In preparation for the annual Emancipation Day Reparations March on 1st Mosiah (August), JLAEP in Bristol is organising a Banner making workshop during the half term week! Lots of fun for all the family whilst learning about the deeper importance of the march and what it seeks to achieve as part of the International Social Movement for Afrikan Reparations. All materials provided. Donations welcome.


The event will be photographed


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