The John Lynch Afrikan Education Programme
 The John Lynch Afrikan Education Programme

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Our aims:

To create a range of learning opportunities of a short, medium and long term nature, to adults and children in the Afrikan community.

To provide members of the Afrikan community with opportunities to explore and reconnect themselves with their history

To promote an understanding of the nature of the oppression of Afrikan peoples and to use the study of history as a means to unlearn aspects of our oppression that we have internalised.

To enable members of the Afrikan community to plan their future in the context of our past historical and current day experiences

To sustain and support the efforts of this organisation and others (of the same mission and purpose) through self generated investment forming alliances

To act as consultants in the field of education to agencies who are involved in catering for the educational, social, physical, religious, spiritual or psychological well being of Afrikan people.


In advancing our aims, mission and purpose, we have held a number of events and participated in numerous activities:

- Held... Kwanzaa observances every year since 1992
- Held family forums where the Afrikan family can learn and grow together
- Established a supplementary school for primary and secondary pupils
- Co wrote and delivered a 36 week History: Afrikan World View course in the community and FE College
- Pioneered the Operation Truth 2007 campaign in response to the Wilberfarce
- Hosted several international scholars and activists such as Anthony T Browder, Paul Obinna Eme, Marimba Ani, Robin Walker, Paul Ifayomi Grant and Sandra Hurst.
- Organised the 2004 Breakthrough conference in Henbury, Bristol

We are participant in the emerging Global Afrikan People's Parliament

We are participant in the Afrikan Emancipation Day Reparations March and supporters of the Stop The Maangamizi We Charge Genocide/Ecocide Petition -


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