The John Lynch Afrikan Education Programme
 The John Lynch Afrikan Education Programme

The Global Afrikan Peoples Parliament


We are a body of Afrikan people working in the UK to regenerate their communities towards sovereign peoplehood in quest of national self-determination.


The key priorities of GAPP are:

1. To rally Afrikan people, from diverse backgrounds, into creating ONE Afrikan Heritage Community for National Self-Determination (AHC-NSD) as a strategic Maatubuntuman goal; in facilitating the decolonising self-repairs process of independent nation-building and the assertion of sovereignty at local, national and international levels.


2. To harness Afrikan peoples’ power to create a functioning Parliament of the AHC-NSD, in order to better harmonise and represent the collective interests of the AHC-NSD, within and beyond the UK.


3. To win recognition for the AHC-NSD’s right to autonomy including building institutions of self-governance and other necessary political, economic, social, cultural, educational, health and welfare institutions, to address its specific needs, goals and aspirations.


4. To champion the right of the AHC-NSD to have Afrikan agency across all spheres of human engagement, in all Afrikan heritage communities in the UK and throughout the continent and Diaspora of Afrika.


5. To connect Afrikan heritage communities to key campaigns that underpin our right to Afrikan self-determination. Reparations is a priority campaign, including a specific ‘We Charge Genocide/Ecocide’ campaign and petition.



On 7th February 2015, the Global Afrikan Peoples Parliament (GAPP) announced its arrival as one of the significant landmarks, in the UK, of the ‘International Decade for People of African Decent’. GAPP brings with it the experiences, learning, successes and hindsight from its predecessors in recent times; the African United Action Front (AUAF), Black United Front (BUF), Global Afrikan Congress (GAC), interim National Afrikan Peoples Parliament (iNAPP), and other (tried) models in the UK and beyond. GAPP brings together community activists from several different disciplines, organisations, special interest groups and movements who all have one strategic goal in common: to promote, preserve and protect the best interests of the Afrikan Heritage Community for National Self-Determination (AHC-NSD), particularly those domiciled in the UK.
The AHC-NSD is a special grouping of Afrikan people working in the UK to regenerate their community towards sovereign peoplehood in quest of national self-determination. This includes Afrikan national autonomy in determining our own destiny in all spheres of life, in familyhood with our kith and kin in other communities of people of Afrikan heritage, throughout the continent and Diaspora of Afrika. By ‘Afrikan’ we mean people known as ‘Africans’ or ‘Black People’ of ‘African origin/descent’.

GAPP acts in the UK, as an institution of non-territorial national-cultural autonomy across all areas of people activity, but connects its activities territorially to the homeland of Afrika, by way of repatriation as a key element of reparations. We are championing a unique approach to realising our status as a self-determined people, not used by any other existing body seeking to represent the voices of the Afrikan Heritage Community within and beyond the UK. Such an approach is based on developing our international legal personality as a people thereby entitled to claim and assert our human, peoples and Mother Earth (Nana Asase Yaa) rights.


To deliver GAPP’s key priorities, GAPP seeks to:

1. Shape GAPP into the primary vehicle of the AHC-NSD in galvanising and mobilising communities of Afrikan people, within and beyond the UK, in proactively asserting our right to self-determination, autonomy and agency in the unique pursuit of our own interests.

2. Raise awareness of ALL peoples about the political and all others issues GAPP considers relevant to the interests of the AHC-NSD.
3. Reconnect Afrikan heritage communities to our right to act as community champions of Afrikan self-determination, without apologising or suffering a detriment for putting race, peoplehood and nation first.

4. Provide opportunities for people of Afrikan heritage to get involved in GAPP’s work at local, regional, national and international levels with a focus on targeted education and the development of skills, capacity and interest in GAPP’s work and the wellbeing of Afrikan people.

GAPP as an institution is built on the following core principles:
• True education, with emphasis on learning through action, are essential for mobilisation – we need a common understanding of the purpose and the destination we seek, why these things are important and why international ‘instruments’, policies and laws are necessary to achieve our purpose.
• Reconcile the AHC-NSD with the benefits of using our relevant value systems including our own Law and other knowledge systems, social structures and autonomous institutions to effect change.
• We must act locally for the advancement of the AHC-NSD globally.
• We must build the capacity of future leaders and Ambassadors because our mission needs to be carried through to future generations.
How you can get involved

• You can attend a GAPP induction, education and community advocacy training programme that will be offered by GAPP Ambassadors in or near your locality.

• Once inducted, you can assist your Ambassadors in building the consciousness and capacity of the AHC-NSD in your locality by developing a GAPP local or regional chapter.

The Provisional Leadership Facilitation Team of the GAPP are:

  • • Sis Dr Asher Sefanit-Wudasee
    • Sis Esther Stanford-Xosei
    • Sis Jendayi Serwah
  • Bro Leo Muhammad
    • Bro Kojo Bonsu
    • Bro Kofi Mawuli Klu
    • Bro Simeon Stanford

The Provisional Leadership Facilitation Team is working towards the development of a GAPP Steering Council, including an Honorary Elders Conclave to serve as the governing body of GAPP, by mandate of duly registered members of the AHC-NSD.


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